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By sprez

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I created this tutorial to explain how to extract a surface from a solid in CATIAV5. I will also explain why the edges of the extracted surface are sometimes joined.

By theHire

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In this ignitable, we will take a look at how to customize excel by changing excel options covering areas such as showing the mini toolbar, using the developer tab and changing the color scheme.

By sprez

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This Ignitable will show you how to create a plane parallel to the screen.

By sprez

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During this tutorial, we will expose you to the CATIAV5 Start-Up procedure and the CATIAV5 Screen Layout.

By rlundy82

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This ignitable will walk you through the installation process of phpBB3.

By Raff1

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ivory bar soap has been known for its purity, versatility, and ability to float. it is soft, and safe for many skin types. but did you know that you can turn it into a big, soapy marshmallow, too?

By rlundy82

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This Ignitable will cover the blender user interface, basic customization, and the most basic transformations of 3D objects.

By rlundy82

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This ignitable will show you how to create a basic game using the XNA framework

By sprez

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Welcome to the "Extruding a Sketch" lesson. During the lecture portion of this lesson you will see how to draw a sketch, extrude it and then fillet the final 3D solid.