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By oriontownship

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2009 date scheduled for Friday, August 7th at Friendship Park from 5:00 - 9:00 pm. Big kids, little kids, and kids at heart, load up the family for an unforgettable experience. Dozens of trucks, tractors, diggers, dozers, buckets and back-loaders for a hands-on experience. First 500 kids through the gate get a free construction hat. Forget about dinner, Jet's Pizza will be available for purchase. Come Early, Stay Late, and don't forget the camera! Entry fee: $5 per vehicle.

By mattoakland

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Some highlights from my first recorded challenge session in Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic on Playstation 3.  The goal is to pick up the fish and get it past the other kung fu fighters into the bucket...they don't make it easy.

By noah14

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WHAT JAMIE SAW Carolyn Coman Presentation by: Noah P. Mrs.Lloyd: Waldon Middle School

By sprez

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Younoodle.com ticket. These are the exact step by step issues.

By cbuell

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Mrs. Brendle's 1st Grade made an ABC Book in Technology class.

By theHire

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I randomly decided to record my wii golf round, and got a chip-in eagle off the pin on the first hole. Insanity.

By 007

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Firefox Ad Weeee, Hilarious, very funny!

By VAPlus

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