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By 007

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Detroit, Michigan - Monday, November 24, 2008 -- Detroit Lions football practice was delayed nearly two hours this afternoon after a player reported finding an unknown white powder substance on the practice field. Head coach Rod Marinelli immediately suspended practice while police and federal agents were called in to investigate. Read on...

By theHire

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Create sketches with this flash-based paint.  This is an example of how ignite can use custom interactions.

By theHire

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A musical sketch.

By MediActive

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PollDaddy.com is a social media site where you can create polls that you can embed on websites and blogs.  It's free for basic service.

By MediActive

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Here are some kinetic typography projects from the online community...Fight Club Rules, Zoolander, Ocean's Eleven, V for Vendetta.

By toonz

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Classic Bugs Bunny cartoon.


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It finally boils down to this... the fabled backroom dance-offs of politics... we haven't seen the likes of these since Nixon broke out the Charleston against McGovern back in '72... many believe it was this that floated Nixon to a second term...

By toonz

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Popeye runs for President in this classic cartoon.

By theHire

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A short musical sketch. Inspired by our feathered friends.

By toonz

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Classic Superman Cartoon. The Mechanical Monsters. Superman battles a criminal mastermind and his robot army.