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By sprez

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When new brake pads are needed, they must be replaced within reasonable time.  Most consumers make such timely repairs, but the brake pads currently used leave many drivers in doubt of the quality of their brake shoes, and some question the sincerity of their mechanics, as well.  The Visual Wear Brake Pad can restore consumer confidence, and consumer auto safety, as well.

By sprez

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During this lesson, you will be introduced to a three dimensional grid system. This grid system is based on the Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice J182.


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This Course provides a comprehensive overview of the Sketcher, Part Design, Generative Shape Design, Generative Drafting, and Assembly workbenches. This course also focuses on the types of design techniques available in CATIAV5. This knowledge is perfect for the non designer (i.e Director, Manager, Lead Engineer or Administrator) who is required to interface with CATIAV5 Design staff.

By Raffles

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This lesson will walk you through the removal and replacement of the window regulator on the 1999 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you have a sound card turn up your volume.  To compare this lesson click here to see the Wiki

By sprez

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I created this tutorial to explain how to rotate a CATPart in CATIAv5r18.

By sprez

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I created this tutorial to explain how to create Isometric Breakout Sections in CATIAV5r18. This is the drafting workbench method.

By sprez

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This Ignitable will show you how to create a plane parallel to the screen.

By lbenoit

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Welcome to Trek's Cutting Edge Bicycle Owner's Manual for the Hybrid. Trek has been around since 1976 and was instrumental in 5 of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France Victories.