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This is the first course in a series of many training courses that will explain to users about the IgniteCAST application. After completion of this course a user should understand a brief overview on what the IgniteCAST developer training series has to offer.

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AP. Federal officials have released the audio of the conversation the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 had with air traffic controllers as his plane lost power and he had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. (Feb. 5) plane  splashdown  pilot  were  be  hudson 

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Super Speedway in HD.

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Terminator 2 (T2) HD Commercial for DVD in HD.

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To The Limit in HD. IgniteCAST rocks. I imported this into Scate Ignite 4 in HD format and in seconds I had it up on IgniteCAST. Simply amazing technology Scate guys.

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Firefox Ad Weeee, Hilarious, very funny!

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The Magic of Flight (IMAX) in HD. WMV HD into Scate Ignite 4 and then uploaded to IgniteCAST. Simply amazing video quality over the web. You guys are awesome IgniteCAST ROCKS!

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World's Fastest Clapper

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Detroit, Michigan - Monday, November 24, 2008 -- Detroit Lions football practice was delayed nearly two hours this afternoon after a player reported finding an unknown white powder substance on the practice field. Head coach Rod Marinelli immediately suspended practice while police and federal agents were called in to investigate. Read on...

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Merry Christmas. Please don't drink and drive!