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During this lesson, you will learn how to create a new product in the CATIA V5 assembly workbench.To see the entire CATIAV5 Assembly Course go to

By parchna

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How to use eClinicalworks

By 007

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The University of Idaho has ordered that the Cover 2 defense be implemented. Not for the football team, for the cheerleaders. For the second time this season, changes have been ordered for the Vandals' cheerleading squads. The first problem was with having the UI logo sewn onto the seat of the young ladies' pants. Now the squads' two-piece outfits with halter tops have been scrapped. An editorial in the school newspaper, The Argonaut, said: Jaws dropped at the Vandal football game on Sept. 6, and it wasn’t because the football team finally won a game. It was because of the dress of the cheerleaders. There was an uproar about the taste level of the Vandal spirit squad’s uniforms with laced-up details and low cut halter-tops that didn’t seem to provide much support. Complete story:

By mattoakland

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Create a photo slide show for YouTube!This tutorial will show you how to create a basic slideshow with background music to upload to YouTube. It will show you how to download the software, create the slideshow, add images, audio, and background music, and how to publish and upload your slideshow to YouTube. This tutorial was even created using this method. Note: This tutorial uses Scate Ignite 4 Standard. You can also use Scate Ignite 4 Home or Scate Ignite 4 Professional. Download a free trial at or

By rlundy82

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This Ignitable will demonstrate my former team's Default T-Side setup on De_Dust2.

By TweetMyCars

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Everything here about the New Chrysler Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Online Game "AutoQuotient" available now at

By lilun

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Hello. My name is Lil'Un and welcome to my grade 6 science project. I created this ignitable to show you how I built a working model of an isolated house foundation that can be used to reduce earthquake damage. Enjoy!

By mmiddleton

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This Ignitable shows users how to upload a picture to a Moodle page.Created by Melissa Middleton, Waldon Middle school

By ignitecastsales

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With Scate Ignite 4 Standard edition, its simple to create dynamic sales and marketing presentations, by capturing your screen, combining with HD videos, importing digital photos, adding webcam recordings, inserting PowerPoint slides, narrating with your voice or background music and even adding a survey.

By ignitecastsales

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With Scate Ignite 4 Home edition, its simple to create interactive social media such as home movies and slideshows, by capturing your screen, combining with HD videos, importing digital photos, adding webcam recordings, inserting PowerPoint slides and even narrating with your voice or background music.