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By cayla14

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HOOT Carl Hiaasen Presentation by:Cayla H Mrs.Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By naomi2014

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Kira-Kira cynthia kadohata presented by: Naomi Thomas Mrs. Nicks-waldon middle school 5th hour

By Paige14

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A WRINKLE IN TIME Presentation by: Paige T Mrs.Lloyd- Waldon Middle School

By olivia2014

Views: 1571

BUD NOT BUDDY,Christopher Paul Curtis, presented by Olivia B./ Mrs. Nicks

By Brad14

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RULES OF THE ROAD Joan Bauer Presentation by: Brad C Mrs.Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By jwoods14

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NUMBER THE STARS Presentation by; Jacob W Mrs. Lloyd- Waldon Middle School

By ethanw15

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Mrs. Nicks 2010 Waldon Middle School THE BATBOY Mike Lupica Ethan

By Cheyenne2014

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SURVIVNG THE APLLEWHITES Stephanie S. Tolan Presentation by: Cheyenne N. Mrs. Nicks-Waldon Middle School 5th Hour