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By Hannah2014

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BELLE PRATERS BOY Presentation by; Hannah S Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School 6th hr

By olivia2014

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BUD NOT BUDDY,Christopher Paul Curtis, presented by Olivia B./ Mrs. Nicks

By Cheyenne2014

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SURVIVNG THE APLLEWHITES Stephanie S. Tolan Presentation by: Cheyenne N. Mrs. Nicks-Waldon Middle School 5th Hour

By regan14

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HolesLouis SacharReganMrs. Lloyds class3rd hourWaldon Middle School

By adamk14

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THE DARK IS RISING Susan Cooper Presentation by:Adam K. Mrs. Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By anthonyf14

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PEAK By: Roland Smith Presentation By: Anthony F Mrs. Lloyd- Waldon Middle School

By daniel14

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WRINKLE IN TIME Madiline L'engle Daniel C. Mrs.Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By sarah2014

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EVOLUTION, ME AND OTHER FREAKS OF NATURE By: Robin Brande Presentation by: Sarah E. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School 6th hour

By dwade14

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A WRINKLE IN TIME By Madeliene L'Engle. Presentation By Dallas W. Mrs. Lloyd Waldon Middle School

By Erica2014

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CHASING VERMEER Blue Balliett Presentation by: Erica R Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School Hour 5