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By Ryan14

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THE THIEF Megan Whalen Turner Presentation by: Ryan S Mrs. Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By Hugh2014

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THE THIEF Meghan Whalen Turner Presentation by Hugh Mc. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School 5th Hour

By austin2014

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THE BLACK PEARL Scott O'Dell Presentation By: Austin E. Mrs. Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By kman2014

Views: 1480

JULIE OF THE WOLVES Jean Craighead George Kyle C Mrs.Nicks Waldon Middle School

By katiem

Views: 1479

KING OF THE WIND katie m Mrs. Lloyd-waldon middle school

By Kevin2014

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THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED Carol Plum-Ucci Presintation by Kevin F. Mrs.Nicks Waldon middle school 4th hour

By Julie14

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EVOLUTION, ME AND OTHER FREAKS OF NATURE Robin Brande Presentation by Julie P Mrs. Lloyd- Waldon Middle School

By antonial

Views: 1476

The Missing Mrs.Kline 3rd hour Antonia, Kiera, Corinn, Kayleigh, and AbrahamRadio Mystery Play

By Sizzler

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By salenaf

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The Case of The Missing Ipod Mrs. Kline Hr:4th Salena, Vanessa, Hope, Brooke, and KarleeRadio Mystery Play