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By Fluxtrol

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Learn through the following case story, "Wheel Hub Heat Treating", how machine downtime, extended set-up, and scrapped parts were reduced due to use of Fluxtrol "A" and a new induction coil design.

By Fluxtrol

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Learn through the following case story, "Design of Stress Relieving Coil and Process", how savings were accomplished due to induction coil and process optimization.

By Folktellers

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Josef Bastian's Folkteller Universe is a place where stories are born, live, and go on for eternity. It is an ever-expanding space where fantasy and fact intermingle with the imagination, creating worlds and realms that stretch far beyond the world we know. The Folktellers Universe consists of 6 realms; Myths & Legends Realm, Hidden Realm, Guidebook Realm, Shadow Realm, Traveler Realms, Guardian Realm. https://folktellers.com

By Ocular3D

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Ocular3D is a patented technology created to accurately measure field of view and visual obstruction in within a virtual or physical 3D environment. Ocular3D is built on the Unity 3D engine for use in VR, AR, and MR applications.

By Fluxtrol

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Fluxtrol Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of magnetodielectric materials for induction heating controllers. Primary materials: Fluxtrol A, Fluxtrol 50, Fluxtrol 100, Ferrotron 559H. Fluxtrol Inc. also manufactures other standard and custom materials: Ferrotron 119, Fluxtrol 25, and custom materials.

By Fluxtrol

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In this course magnetic flux control is a generic term for modification of induction coil magnetic flux by means of installation of magnetic templates (magnetic flux controllers). Magnetic flux control due to application of non-magnetic bodies (Faraday rings or flux robbers) is not considered here. Magnetic controllers may significantly change magnetic field pattern and coil parameters; their application must be considered as a part of the whole induction system design. Because Controllers play different roles (magnetic flux concentration, shielding, distribution) they are called also Concentrators, Cores or Shields depending on application. - In many cases controllers fulfill several functions simultaneously.

By Fluxtrol

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Computer simulation has become a practical tool for everyday use in the induction industry. This Computer Simulation course teaches the user to design optimal systems, improve equipment performance, dramatically reduce development time and costs, better understand the process dynamics, etc.

By Fluxtrol

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Welcome to Course 3 - Induction Coil. You will learn about different coil designs, styles, and usages.

By Fluxtrol

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Welcome to Chapter II, Induction Installations.

By Fluxtrol

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Induction Heating is a Contactless Heating Method of bodies, which absorb energy from an Alternating Magnetic Field, generated by Induction Coil (Inductor) There are two mechanisms of energy absorption: - generation of close-loop (eddy) currents inside the body which cause heating due to electrical resistance of the body material - hysteresis heating (for magnetic materials ONLY!) due to a friction of magnetic micro volumes (domains), which rotate following orientation of external magnetic field Part 2 deals with heating effects, dynamics of temperature distribution and coil parameter variation in the process of heating as well as with electrodynamic forces created by magnetic field.

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