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By sprez

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Congratulations, to the IgniteCAST Team from the president of SCATE Technologies, Inc.

By ignitecastsales

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Welcome to this brief demonstration on how igniteCAST.com can help you share all of your multi-media content in minutes!

By sprez

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Congratulations, to the Ignitecast team from the President/CEO of SCATE Technologies, inc.

By sprez

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Testing out My New Flip Camcoder on Ignitecast! The files size was over 100Mg and with ignite and ignitecast is got it down to 5Mg with NO loss of quality. Amazing! Just a FYI, make sure you have lots of light when recording with the Mino. Then your video will be high quality HD.

By ignitecastsales

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With IgniteCAST, its simple to create interactive videos by capturing your screen, combining with videos (HD), importing digital photos, adding webcam recordings, inserting PowerPoint slides and even narrating with your voice or background music. Even if you are a beginner IgniteCAST makes it easy to create interactive high definition video that can be shared with all of your business contacts or friends on any social networking site. To start, simply click “Create It” and select your usage. “For Home” is great for publishing home movies and narrated slideshows, “For Business” is excellent for sales and marketing presentations or screen recordings and “For Teaching” is perfect for creating complete online elearning courses, quizzes and even surveys. IgniteCAST is powered by the popular Scate Ignite 4 software product line and used by thousands of large corporations worldwide. So click “Create It” and get started today for free.

By ignitecastsales

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http://www.wwj.com/New-Media-Sharing-Software-From-Orion-Firm/2223448Orion Township-based Scate Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday that it has officially released Ignite 4 Standard and Ignite 4 Professional, the fourth generation of its popular Ignite media stitching software product line. Ignite 4 makes it easier than ever to “stitch” all media content, such as screenshots, movies, PowerPoint slides, images, text and audio together into one seamless presentation. Ignite 4 publishes your media creations in multiple formats that can be shared with others from your Web site, email, SCORM learning management system, CD-ROM and print. Ignite 4 presentations are perfect for web 2.0 development, marketing, training, global knowledge sharing and media sharing.

By sprez

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If your budget can't afford traditional marketing and advertising methods such as TV or Radio, then social media marketing is for you. Not only is social media very cost effective, its also builds your brand awareness and drives traffic directly to place you want people buy. So join the social media era and jump start your new business or project. Contact scate: email: ssales@ignitecast.com - phone (US): 877-500-7767 - (Outside-US): 248-371-0315

By Gary

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Thank you from SCATE Technologies (Gary Gozdor) for attending weekly webinar.

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Popeye runs for President in this classic cartoon.

By toonz

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Classic Superman Cartoon. The Mechanical Monsters. Superman battles a criminal mastermind and his robot army.