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11,000 Experts Retire Everyday Taking Valuable Institutional Knowledge With Them

Years of valuable knowledge can be lost when experienced employees retire. To accommodate this, companies spend valuable time and money to train new employees through workshops, PowerPoint slides, training videos, and more. But how effective are each of these tactics individually? What if there was a system that enabled experienced employees to capture their own knowledge, in any form (video, PowerPoint slides, screen captures, images, audio, etc.) and present it in a way that was new, engaging, and effective?

Create & Share Knowledge Captured From All Media Types
The Ultimate Knowledge Management System

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Why igniteCAST is the
Ultimate Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It refers to a multidisciplinary approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

  • Easily capture and share knowledge with our patented technology.
  • Desktop authoring software included for free.
  • Include media such as PowerPoints, video, screenshots, etc. with ease.
  • Add voiceover for each slide for a fluid authoring experience.
  • Send course (Ignitable) to a whole group covering new procedures.
  • Easily track results from each Ignitable.
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IgniteCAST Testimonial - Gary Huber
Gary Huber - Department of Marketing
“When we develop and broadcast videos or presentations for social media marketing, Scate Ignite with Ignitecast.com is our solution of choice. This process is so easy to use that anyone can create brand awareness for their business, service or product without spending thousands of dollars on traditional ad campaigns. If I did not make it clear, I love this product especially for creating quick marketing videos that need to go out in minutes“
IgniteCAST Testimonial - Marco Ranucci
Marco Ranucci ATC, Design Services Manager - Autoliv North America
“My organization and I have found the Ignite tool, by Scate Technologies, to be an easy and very effective tool for communicating training material. It is easy to use by students, easy to create training material by instructors, and easy to deploy within a department by managers.“
IgniteCAST Testimonial - Bill Topalian
Bill Topalian, Senior Technical Training Specialist - Chrysler Corporation
“In my 25 years experience with Information Technology, Knowledge Management and Adult Learning, I have never come across a product that provides rapid knowledge transfer capability and creates electronic courses and presentations more quickly and at less cost than Ignite. What makes it even better is how easy the product is to use requiring no formal training!“

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