ignite®CAST Features

With Ignite® you can create Ignitables (courseware, video tutorials and presentations). Ignite® combines screen captures, images, PowerPoint slides, and videos. It also supports closed caption text, music, and voiceover narrations.

  • Easily stitch together different media formats. Patented technology
  • Download Ignite® publishing software for free
  • Import media such as PowerPoints, video, screenshots, etc
  • Add voiceover for each slide for a fluid user experience (UX)
  • Share Ignitables with Ignite®CAST to all your contacts
  • Embed on your website and easily track performance
  • Sell courseware
Show Me How
igniteCAST on mobile

Step 1: Create Ignitables
(Online Courses & Presentations)

Download Ignite

Ignite® Courseware Publishing Software
[Windows edition]

Simple Structure

Arange your media in a simple slide format (Ignitables).

Rapid Transmedia Stitching

Easily create courseware with patented transmedia stitching.

Narrate Steps

Add Voiceover and CC to each slide for a fluid user experience (UX).

PowerPoint Import

Have content from PowerPoint? Great! Simply import presentations.

Easy Edit

Update Ignitables in seconds. Simply adjust and republish.

IgniteCAST Professional

Upgrade for exclusive features such as structured layouts and more.

Step 2: Share Media
Upload Ignitables, Invite Students, Share Success!

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Cloud Learning Platform

Discussion Threading

Easily comment on course discussion threads.

Multi-Level Sharing

Easily control public and private sharing with friends.

Track Results

Effectively track the performance of your Ignitables.

Great For Mobile

Access igniteCAST on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Easy to Use

Create an igniteCAST account, import your media and share.

Great Support

We have plenty of tutorials, but we answer our emails.

Ready To Get Started?

Create your account to start making your professional Ignitables.
If you have questions along the way, please feel free to contact us or reference our documentation page, located on the side menu of the dashboard.

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