Lion Takes Refuge in Church from Ike

GALVESTON, Texas -- Texas authorities busy trying to clean up after Hurricane Ike have a new problem on their hands: There's a tiger loose. A county official said Tuesday that the animal somehow left its enclosure at an exotic pets center in Crystal Beach. Animal experts are coming in to try to catch the tiger. Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough put it this way: "Turns out there's a tiger, and I understand he's hungry ... so we're staying away from him." Crystal Beach is on Bolivar Peninsula. The area is one of the hardest-hit by Ike. The news follows reports of a lioness holed up in a Baptist church with its owner on Bolivar Peninsula. The full-grown lion was from a local zoo, and the owner was trying to drive to safety with the animal when he saw cars and trucks stranded in the rising floodwaters. He knew he and the lion were in trouble.

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