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Please enjoy this presentation on Improving Inductive Welding System Performance with Soft Magnetic Composites by Sean Muyskens.

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Please enjoy this presentation on Short Time Dilatometry Quench System Analyses - by Andrew Banka, Andrew Senita of Airflow Sciences Corporation - by Robert Goldstein, Tareq Eddir of Fluxtrol, Inc. - by Robert Cryderman of Colorado School of Mines.

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Please enjoy this presentation on Improving Corrosion Resistance of Soft Magnetic Composites for Induction Heat Applications Treating by Prem Vaishnava of Fluxtrol Inc.

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Factors influencing the cooling of an inductor are studied

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Please enjoy this presentation on magnetic core loss. Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC’s) are widely used in induction heating applications. Having accurate data for magnetic core losses is critical for computer modeling in challenging applications.

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Please enjoy this presentation on improving induction tube welding system performance utilizing soft magnetic composites. Inductive welding is a popular method for making tubes used in a variety of industries.

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Problem Description - Part: Aluminum heat exchanger- Operation: Brazing of a pipe to a short tube previously brazed to the heat exchanger header in a furnace - Equipment: All equipment including 60 kW, 10-30 kHz power supply, part handling system and control system with IR pyrometers already existed- Problems: Insufficient brazed joint depth -> Inconsistent process resulting in leakage and other defects- Variables:-> Limited coil type modification-> Coil dimensions-> Coil positioning-> Magnetic controller dimensions

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Problem Description and Specifications - The customer contacted Fluxtrol Inc. for the following reasons: - They were unable to produce good parts for a contract they had won. - The problem was the new part had a sharper fillet than other parts they had worked with before. Figure 1. & 2. - In order to get the required depth in the fillet, they had to severely overheat the area (X) just above it resulting in almost through hardening.

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Learn through the following case story, "Wheel Hub Heat Treating", how machine downtime, extended set-up, and scrapped parts were reduced due to use of Fluxtrol "A" and a new induction coil design.

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Learn through the following case story, "Design of Stress Relieving Coil and Process", how savings were accomplished due to induction coil and process optimization.