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Help me produce a customized cruise for your group, business, or organization and YOU may go for absolutely FREE!!

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Assisted Living-Barss Residential

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Merry Christmas. Please don't drink and drive!

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The University of Idaho has ordered that the Cover 2 defense be implemented. Not for the football team, for the cheerleaders. For the second time this season, changes have been ordered for the Vandals' cheerleading squads. The first problem was with having the UI logo sewn onto the seat of the young ladies' pants. Now the squads' two-piece outfits with halter tops have been scrapped. An editorial in the school newspaper, The Argonaut, said: Jaws dropped at the Vandal football game on Sept. 6, and it wasn’t because the football team finally won a game. It was because of the dress of the cheerleaders. There was an uproar about the taste level of the Vandal spirit squad’s uniforms with laced-up details and low cut halter-tops that didn’t seem to provide much support. Complete story:

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Dan puts the "DAN" in DANger

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This Ignitable will guide you in the proper assembly of the F7000 Inversion table by Teeter.

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This Ignitable will demonstrate how you (the patient) can read their own MRI. Please remember this is only meant to allow you to view and understand what the Doctor has explained to you. Do not self diagnose, if you have doubts get a second opinion.