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By lbenoit

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This Ignitable will guide you in the proper assembly of the F7000 Inversion table by Teeter.

By lbenoit

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During this tutorial I will show you how to use my Hasbro Videonow. The content was captured from a PDF file found on the Hasbro website.

By lbenoit

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This Ignitable will demonstrate how you (the patient) can read their own MRI. Please remember this is only meant to allow you to view and understand what the Doctor has explained to you. Do not self diagnose, if you have doubts get a second opinion.

By lbenoit

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Welcome to Trek's Cutting Edge Bicycle Owner's Manual for the Hybrid. Trek has been around since 1976 and was instrumental in 5 of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France Victories.

By lbenoit

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This is a guide to the Cathedral of St. Mary's, Southwell. My Husband and I took these photos and video in august 2007. The text and history is cited from www.nottshistory.org.uk/trebeck1900/southwell1.htm