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By Sizzler

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How to edit a recommendation that you have submitted to a colleague before they accept it. Useful if someone asks you to make a few changes to the recommendation.

By drea

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This is how it went down-we can all understand it now.

By 007

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Ben Bernanke may not have sold Main Street on the largest bailout in American history, but it isn't for lack of trying. The Federal Reserve chairman appeared flustered speaking before Congress Wednesday as politicians skewered the $700.0 billion financial bailout he is backing questioning motivations for the plan and even whether it will work. “Americans are furious," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., chairman of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. Lawmakers were hearing "amazement, astonishment and intense anger" from their constituents, he said. Yet, he said a deal on a bailout would soon be reached, suggesting that all the Washington pushback may just be grandstanding. Still, it was the second day the bailout plan got a cool reception from lawmakers. (See "Paulson Plays Pinata.") Click here for complete article:

By 007

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fewer than 20 truckers showed up in Washington to protest fuel prices, with organizers blaming the expensive cost of travel for the low turnout. Members of Truckers and Citizens United drove their tractor-trailers from FedEx Field in suburban Maryland to Capitol Hill for Tuesday's rally. To express their frustration, the truckers blared their horns and taped signs to their trucks reading: "America is going broke because of oil." Organizers said Monday they expected more than 200 truckers to participate in the rally. Truckers say the hauling industry has been hit hard as drivers pay nearly double than in recent years to fill up their rigs. In turn, they say consumers pay more for the products they deliver. Participants are asking Congress to approve measures to bring down gas prices. Full Story Here

By Ryan Rush

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This tutorial explains who should and should not contribute to a Roth 401(k).

By ukcomic

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This is for all you Hockey Players and Hockey Mom's all over the great US of A.

By coralblair

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By coralblair3

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By Ryan Rush

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This tutorial shows how starting to save for retirement early in life can put you way ahead of the game.