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http://www.wwj.com/New-Media-Sharing-Software-From-Orion-Firm/2223448Orion Township-based Scate Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday that it has officially released Ignite 4 Standard and Ignite 4 Professional, the fourth generation of its popular Ignite media stitching software product line. Ignite 4 makes it easier than ever to “stitch” all media content, such as screenshots, movies, PowerPoint slides, images, text and audio together into one seamless presentation. Ignite 4 publishes your media creations in multiple formats that can be shared with others from your Web site, email, SCORM learning management system, CD-ROM and print. Ignite 4 presentations are perfect for web 2.0 development, marketing, training, global knowledge sharing and media sharing.

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Welcome to this brief demonstration on how igniteCAST.com can help you share all of your multi-media content in minutes!