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Silver Beach Lodge.  Here is your opportunity to own a piece of Northern Michigan history. Located just 20 east of Gaylord, MI.  For more information click here.

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This lesson will show you who to export files from ignite 4 Standard and import to ignite4 Professional.

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This lesson will cover how to use the Navigator in a course.  If you would like a copy on the unpublished Ignitable without audio to add to your course, click here  to email SCATE Technologies.This is a 1.3 MB zipped file.

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This lesson is a quick tip on how to copy and paste slides between lessons and chapters.

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This lesson is part of the Ignite" How to" Series. It will show you how to a create hot links to your Ignitable in IgniteCAST.  For more informatiion on SCATE Ignite click here

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This lesson is part of the Ignite "How To" information designed to assist in maximizing your experience with Ignite and IgniteCAST. This lesson will show you how to create and use playlists in IgniteCAST

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Please make sure your computer\'s speakers are turned on, and that the volume is adjusted properly. If you do not have speakers on your computer, you can maximize the control console to view the equivalent text.

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This Ignitable will show you how to clean the clutter off of your desktop before taking screenshots in Ignite.

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This lesson will instruct you on how to upload a video to Google Video.

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This lesson will show you how to import published Flash (.SWF) files that were created by another program into Ignite.