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This Ignitable explains how easy it is to setup a myChevolet account, install the app and remotely control your new 2017 Chevrolet.

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This short Ignitable explains how to set face filter on SnapChat. Enjoy!

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If you want to become an expert in social media and serial entrepreneurship, then watch this cool media overview of Stephen Sadler's new book "Exposure to Closure". Enjoy!Book available here at Amazon

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Steve Sadler, a frequent guest of WJR 760 Internet Advisor show, shares about his new book "Exposure to Closure." Steve and his wife Laurie began Scate to help e-learning and then found that there was a huge field called “social media” and that his tools would work so well there.

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BuzTweet.com (BuzTweet sm) is a web service that let's you create and broadcast social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Buzz. Let BuzTweet.com maintain broadcast your social media content all day, every day, even when you can't be there.

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This is a guide to the Cathedral of St. Mary's, Southwell. My Wife and I took these photos and video in August 2007. The text and history is cited from www.nottshistory.org.uk/trebeck1900/southwell1.htm

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Scate President / CEO Steve Sadler - Speaking at #MCC Event on SEO and Your Business

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Feb 22, 2010 - Orion Township Silverbell Bridge Funding Event held at Scate Technologies, Inc. located in Orion Township MI. Scate CEO / President Stephen Sadler introduced Michigan Congressman Gary Peters, Orion Township Supervisor Matt Gibb and Michigan Representative Jim Marleau.

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Way to go guys, keep it up! - Junior Team Canada 16-0  over Latvia

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Testing out My New Flip Camcoder on Ignitecast! The files size was over 100Mg and with ignite and ignitecast is got it down to 5Mg with NO loss of quality. Amazing! Just a FYI, make sure you have lots of light when recording with the Mino. Then your video will be high quality HD.