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By mmiddleton

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Waldon Middle School 6th graders invite incoming 5th graders to their school.

By mmiddleton

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This Ignitable shows teachers how to export grades from Moodle and import them into PowerSchool

By mmiddleton

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This Ignitable shows users how to upload a picture to a Moodle page.Created by Melissa Middleton, Waldon Middle school

By mmiddleton

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This Ignite shows you how to add documents that you currently have saved to your Moodle page.

By mmiddleton

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This video shows how to embed a video into your Moodle page. This is helpful so that students can view a video without having to go to the site from which the video was taken, thus keeping the student from getting distracted by other functions on the page. Created by Melissa Middleton, Waldon Middle School, Lake Orion, MI