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By noah14

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WHAT JAMIE SAW Carolyn Coman Presentation by: Noah P. Mrs.Lloyd: Waldon Middle School

By Kiana14

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THE TALE OF DESPERAUX by: Kate Dicamillo Presentation by; Kiana N Mrs. Lloyd - Waldon Middle School

By breanna14

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DICEY'S SONG Cynthia Voigt by: Breanna T. Mrs. Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By alyssa14

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PICTURES OF HOLLIS WOODS Patricia Reilly Giff Presentation by: Alyssa G Mrs. Lloyd - Waldon Middle School

By mattoakland

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Create a photo slide show for YouTube!This tutorial will show you how to create a basic slideshow with background music to upload to YouTube. It will show you how to download the software, create the slideshow, add images, audio, and background music, and how to publish and upload your slideshow to YouTube. This tutorial was even created using this method. Note: This tutorial uses Scate Ignite 4 Standard. You can also use Scate Ignite 4 Home or Scate Ignite 4 Professional. Download a free trial at http://www.scateignite.com/ or http://www.ignitecast.com/.

By theHire

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I randomly decided to record my wii golf round, and got a chip-in eagle off the pin on the first hole. Insanity.

By sprez

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Scate Technologies sponsors 2009 MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) Conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit Mi. www.scateignite.com, www.macul.org

By jennaw

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The Mystery of the Doll Under the Willow Mrs. Kline 5th hour By: Jenna, Elizabeth, Candice, and ShantelRadio Mystery Play

By kipm

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Death Party on the Cruise Ship Mrs.Kline 3rd hour Kip, Connor, Ryan, Shawn, and RobertRadio Mystery Play

By taylora15

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Creepy Cows Mrs. Kline 2nd hour Madz, Alex, Kenzie, TaylorRadio Mystery Plays