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My two girls singing "When Christmas Comes to Town."I'm wishing on a star And trying to believe That even though it's far He'll find me Christmas Eve I guess that Santa's busy Cause he's never come around I think of him When Christmas Comes to Town The best time of the year When everyone comes home With all this Christmas cheer It's hard to be alone Putting up the Christmas tree With friends who come around It's so much fun When Christmas Comes to Town Presents for the children Wrapped in red and green All the things I've heard about But never really seen No one will be sleeping on The night of Christmas Eve Hoping Santa's on his way [Repeat previous two paragraphs] When Santa's sleigh bells ring I listen all around The herald angels sing I never hear a sound When all the dreams of children Once lost will all be found That's all I want When Christmas Comes to Town That's all I want When Christmas Comes to Town

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A colorful festival that is celebrated by all Hindus worldwide is Deepavali(Diwali), which is also known as the festival of lights. This festival usually falls around late October and November. One important practice that the Hindus follow during the festival is to light oil lamps in their homes on Deepavali morning. By lighting the oil lamps, the Hindus are thanking the gods for the happiness, knowledge, peace and wealth that they have received. The Hindus consider Deepavali as one of the most important festivals to celebrate.The Legend -There is even an interesting legend behind this festival. The story goes that Narakasura, a demon, ruled the kingdom of Pradyoshapuram. Under his rule, the villagers suffered a lot of hardship as the demon tortured the people and kidnapped the women to be imprisoned in his palace. Seeing his wickedness, Lord Khrishna set out to destroy the demon and the day Narakasura died was celebrated as Deepavali, the triumph of good over evil!Preparations -Preparation for Deepavali starts usually at least two to three weeks before the festival. It is known that the Hindus will be busy cleaning their houses to prepare for the festival. Some would even renovate their houses to prepare it for Deepavali. Usually the family will shop for new clothes and for accessories to decorate their homes. Prior to the festival, Indian shops will be selling festive items like Deepavali greeting cards, carpets, Punjabi suits and flowers. The Hindus will frequent these shops when they are shopping for Deepavali.Celebrations -The Hindus usually awake early in the morning of deepavali around 3am and the first ritual will be having an oil bath, which is an important feature of Deepavali. Hindus will be dressed in their new clothes on Deepavali. Most of the ladies would be clad in silk saris or Punjabi suits of various bright shades. Hindus particularly dislike dressing in black on that day, as they consider black an inauspicious color for the festival. Hindus would also pay their respects to the elderly and most families would go to the temple after having breakfast. This is also an important practice for them. The reason why they would be going to the temples is to pray to get happiness and prosperity on Deepavali. The houses would be decorated with oil lamps and children will play with firecrackers to celebrate the festival. On the first day, they would not go visiting but would stay at home to welcome the guests who visit them.Food -Visiting Hindus during Deepavali will be an interesting activity, as you will get to taste a wide variety of delicious food. In every home that you visit you are bound to be served with a tempting spread of sweets. Some of the popular sweets are halwa, burfi and laddu. Hindus love eating spicy food and for non-vegetarians they indulge in favorites like chicken tandoori, prawn sambal and fish head curry. In homes of Hindus who are vegetarians popular dishes like thosais, idlis and naans are prepared.(source:

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Obama dances for Ellen.Barack Obama tells Ellen DeGeneres he's a better dancer than John McCain.Michelle Obama dancing.

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Happy Halloween!See all the dogs with funny Halloween costumes.Enjoy!

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Bathukamma Festival Celebrations in Detroit:Detroit Telangana Community has organized the Bathukamma Celebrations in Farmington (Detroit, Michigan) on October 4, 2008. A lot of people attended this celebrations. Many women graced this occasion in traditional attire and made it colorful. As part of these celebrations, several cultural activites were organized. About Bathukamma:Batukamma is a festival celebrated by the women of Telangana region in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This festival usually is in the months of September/October called as Aswiyuja, concludes two days before Dussera called as Durgashtami.The name Batukamma is given to a flower stack, arranged with seasonal flowers, usually in seven concentric layers, of potter’s clay like a Cone.Batuku in Telugu means live/life, and Amma means mother, hence Batukamma celebrates the glory of Gauri goddess (meaning fair or white) - the patron Goddess of womanhood.In the evenings, women gather different seasonal flowers, dip in colours, some scented and arrange them on a wide plate called as tambalamu, stack them up in a conical mound.Later they gather in large numbers with their batukammas in their locality, place them in the middle and dance around them, synchronizing steps and claps in unison, and singing soul stirring batukamma folk songs. Women dancing around their Batukammas After singing and dancing, Batukammalu are set afloat in a lake or a pond nearby.This festival goes on for seven days and concludes on Durgastami. The main festival day is called Saddula Batukamma. On this day they celebrate into wee hours before leaving their Batukamma in water.

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The third movie produced by a Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., will be shown in Bismarck starting today and running through Thursday, Oct. 2. "Fireproof," the third in a series of movies with a Christian theme, stars Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver of the TVseries, "Growing Pains") as firefighter and town hero trying to reconcile with his wife.

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Students across the country are expected to gather around their school flagpoles before classes on Wednesday morning to pray for each other, for their schools and for the nation. This will be the 19th annual “See You At The Pole,” an event held on the fourth Wednesday in September. Organizers predict that up to two million students will take part this year. Read more about the event, see photos and a video.

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Sarah Louise Heath Palin ( born February 11, 1964) is the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election. She was on the Wasilla, Alaska, city council from 1992 to 1996 and mayor from 1996 to 2002. After an unsuccessful campaign for lieutenant governor of Alaska in 2002, she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004. She was elected governor of Alaska in November 2006, becoming the first woman and the youngest person to hold the position in Alaska. On August 29, 2008, Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain announced that he had chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. She was nominated at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Palin is the first woman and the first Alaskan to run on the Republican party's presidential ticket.

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A German shepherd dog saved his owner's life by calling for an ambulance when the man suffered a seizure.Police officers in Scottsdale, Arizona, could hear the whimpering and barking of Buddy after receiving the 911 call.Dispatcher Chris Trott can be heard on a recording of the incident saying: "Hello, this is 911. Hello... Can you hear me? Is there somebody there you can give the phone to?"Police were sent to Joe Stalnaker's home and after about three minutes Buddy is heard on the recording barking loudly when they arrive.Mr Stalnaker's address was flagged in the Scottsdale system's with a notification that a trained assistance dog could call 911 when the owner was incapacitated.Police explained Mr Stalnaker adopted Buddy at the age of eight weeks from Michigan-based Paws with a Cause, which trains assistance dogs.Buddy, now 18 months old, has been trained to press programmed buttons until a 911 operator is on the line, should his owner suffer seizure symptoms.This was the third time he has called the emergency services on behalf of Mr Stalnaker.Scottsdale police sergeant Mark Clark said Mr Stalnaker spent two days in a hospital but has recovered from the seizure.He said: "It's pretty incredible. Even the veteran dispatchers - they haven't heard of anything like this."Sgt Clark added Mr Stalnaker's seizures are the result of a head injury he suffered about 10 years ago during a military training exercise.

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Silver Beach Lodge.  Here is your opportunity to own a piece of Northern Michigan history. Located just 20 east of Gaylord, MI.  For more information click here.