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By rfaulds

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Tutorial on how to enter your district's 8th Grade Technology Literacy Certification information into the Michigan Electronic Grants System (MEGS). 

By rfaulds

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How to create an Amendment to an Educational Technology Plan that has previously been approved within the MEGS system. For additional information related to Technology Planning for Education, visit our website: http://www.technplan.org .

By rfaulds

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Michigan Leadership Improvement Framework Endorsement

By Raff1

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This lesson is a quick tip on how to copy and paste slides between lessons and chapters.

By Raffles

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This lesson will introduce you to a few of the enhancements that you will have with Windows Mobile over a Blackberry.

By mvvsales

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Welcome to this brief presentation of how an automotive OEM or supplier can use MVV to quickly calculate (in CAD) the amount of visual obstruction a driver will encounter. This complies with SAE, FMVSS, Japanese and European vision criteria.

By lilun

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Hi friends...this demo explains how to create a Google Adwords Starter Account. It is very easy...good luck!

By sprez

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Do your co-workers constantly ask you "What the time is it?" or "What is the Date?". Then this demo is for you!

By Raff1

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This lesson is part of the Ignite" How to" Series. It will show you how to a create hot links to your Ignitable in IgniteCAST.  For more informatiion on SCATE Ignite click here

By Raff1

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This lesson is part of the Ignite "How To" information designed to assist in maximizing your experience with Ignite and IgniteCAST. This lesson will show you how to create and use playlists in IgniteCAST