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By ignitecastsales

Views: 5998 Township-based Scate Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday that it has officially released Ignite 4 Standard and Ignite 4 Professional, the fourth generation of its popular Ignite media stitching software product line. Ignite 4 makes it easier than ever to “stitch” all media content, such as screenshots, movies, PowerPoint slides, images, text and audio together into one seamless presentation. Ignite 4 publishes your media creations in multiple formats that can be shared with others from your Web site, email, SCORM learning management system, CD-ROM and print. Ignite 4 presentations are perfect for web 2.0 development, marketing, training, global knowledge sharing and media sharing.

By Sizzler

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This ignitable describes the new features included in ignite 4. It is intended for those that are using Ignite 2006, Ignite Pro Studio, or Ignite Expert Edition, and are considering and upgrade to ignite 4.

By Sizzler

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This tutorial will show you how easy it is to export a Camtasia project to a .FLV (Flash) file and then import it into Ignite for upload to You can use .FLV files from ANY application that can produce them!

By Bryan Crump

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Leads viewers through steps in emptying the Sent Items folder and emptying the Trash.

By Raff1

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Enjoy this brief demonstration of how you might use to extend your marketing exposure and show everyone why you are a leading expert in your industry using a multimedia environment. Bring your presentations to life.

By Sizzler

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This ignitable will show you how to create your account. You will also learn how easy it is to create and upload your own ignitables!

By theHire

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Create a professional looking signature in Outlook Express.

By Sizzler

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If you are having trouble with callers not being forwarded to your voice mail (for example, your extension just rings and rings) try these two possible solutions.

By sprez

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This Ignitable was created by Jim Smith of MegaCorp.