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By Sizzler

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This Ignitable describes how to share pictures, images and screenshots on Twitter using a new service called ScreenTweet.com. You can upload images from your computer, take screenshots of your PC, Mac or Linux machine, and even send pictures from your mobile cell phone!

By cbuell

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Students learn how to create a Chart for their Science Fair Project

By sprez

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I am not Mexican, but let me tell ya, everyone tells me that this is best Guacamole recipe ever. So give it try...Buen apetito!

By cbuell

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Mrs. Buell - Center AcademyLearning how to use PowerPoint

By mattoakland

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Create a photo slide show for YouTube!This tutorial will show you how to create a basic slideshow with background music to upload to YouTube. It will show you how to download the software, create the slideshow, add images, audio, and background music, and how to publish and upload your slideshow to YouTube. This tutorial was even created using this method. Note: This tutorial uses Scate Ignite 4 Standard. You can also use Scate Ignite 4 Home or Scate Ignite 4 Professional. Download a free trial at http://www.scateignite.com/ or http://www.ignitecast.com/.

By mmiddleton

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This Ignitable shows teachers how to export grades from Moodle and import them into PowerSchool

By theHire

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This is how you create a photo slideshow using Ignite. You can choose your own background music, and even have separate audio on each slide if you want. You simply add your digital pictures, photos, or other images. Then you add background music by recording or importing your own music file. Then you publish it to ignitecast, YouTube, or as a video file.

By VASuccessTraining

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This class was designed to take your Virtual Assistant business to the next level! Whether you're just starting out as a VA or you're a virtual assistant who really wants to grow your business, this is the online class to help you achieve VA SUCCESS!

By sprez

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Serve this yogurt-based Greek staple as a first-course accompaniment to pitas and other breads, or as a light but creamy sauce drizzled over spiced roasted meats.

By ignitecastsales

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With IgniteCAST, its simple to create interactive videos by capturing your screen, combining with videos (HD), importing digital photos, adding webcam recordings, inserting PowerPoint slides and even narrating with your voice or background music. Even if you are a beginner IgniteCAST makes it easy to create interactive high definition video that can be shared with all of your business contacts or friends on any social networking site. To start, simply click “Create It” and select your usage. “For Home” is great for publishing home movies and narrated slideshows, “For Business” is excellent for sales and marketing presentations or screen recordings and “For Teaching” is perfect for creating complete online elearning courses, quizzes and even surveys. IgniteCAST is powered by the popular Scate Ignite 4 software product line and used by thousands of large corporations worldwide. So click “Create It” and get started today for free.