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By anthonyf14

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PEAK By: Roland Smith Presentation By: Anthony F Mrs. Lloyd- Waldon Middle School

By Lauren2014

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OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA Jennifer L. Holm Presentation By: Lauren P. Mrs. Nicks - Waldon Middle 3rd Hour

By garry2014

Views: 1566

HATCHET Gary Paulsen presented by:Trey R. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon middle school\ 3rd hour

By rowan2014

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THE BOY WHO DARED Susan Bartoletti Presentation by: Rowan S. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School 3rd hour

By alyss2014

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My Side of the Mountain By Jean George Presented By Alyssa Wendt Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School Hour 4

By kman2014

Views: 1565

JULIE OF THE WOLVES Jean Craighead George Kyle C Mrs.Nicks Waldon Middle School

By davidv

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The Robbery in Florence Mrs. Kline 5th Hour Cameron, Jacob, Nick, Sam, and DavidRadio Mystery Play

By adamk14

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THE DARK IS RISING Susan Cooper Presentation by:Adam K. Mrs. Lloyd-Waldon Middle School

By a2014

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CHOCOLATE WAR By: Robert Cormier Presentation by: Alex G Waldon Middle School Mrs. Nicks 4th Hour

By Erica2014

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CHASING VERMEER Blue Balliett Presentation by: Erica R Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School Hour 5