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By kai14

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THE WISH GIVER Bill Brittain Kai B Mrs. Lloyd Waldon Middle School

By garry2014

Views: 1494

HATCHET Gary Paulsen presented by:Trey R. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon middle school\ 3rd hour

By a2014

Views: 1494

CHOCOLATE WAR By: Robert Cormier Presentation by: Alex G Waldon Middle School Mrs. Nicks 4th Hour

By matthew2014

Views: 1494

THE LONDON EYE MYSTERY Presentation by: Matthew C. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School HR.4

By davidv

Views: 1490

The Robbery in Florence Mrs. Kline 5th Hour Cameron, Jacob, Nick, Sam, and DavidRadio Mystery Play

By Jake2014

Views: 1489

MUD CITY Deborah Ellis presentation by Jacob P. Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School 3rd hr.

By Gabriela2014

Views: 1488

A GATHERING OF DAYS Presentation by:Gabriela M Mrs. Nicks- Waldon Middle School hour 3

By rachelc

Views: 1487

The Baker Mansion Mystery Mrs. Kline 5th hour Cristina, Rachel, Emily, Arliegh, and GabbyRadio mystery Play