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By Fluxtrol

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Induction Heating is a Contactless Heating Method of bodies, which absorb energy from an Alternating Magnetic Field, generated by Induction Coil (Inductor) There are two mechanisms of energy absorption: - generation of close-loop (eddy) currents inside the body which cause heating due to electrical resistance of the body material - hysteresis heating (for magnetic materials ONLY!) due to a friction of magnetic micro volumes (domains), which rotate following orientation of external magnetic field. Part 1 deals mainly with electromagnetic phenomena in induction heating systems.

By Fluxtrol

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This course covers basics of induction heating, induction equipment, computer simulation, magnetic flux control: theory and application, case stories, and a short history of induction.

By trybean

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This quick course shows you step by step moves you'll need to make to download ALL of your LinkedIn connections.

By trybean

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This video discusses my 30 day program on how to master LinkedIn in as little as 15 minutes per day. You get a glimpse of the checklist draft and a lot of the functionality that the course will cover including: building a great profile, using search, what groups are right for you, how to leverage status updates and more!

By trybean

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This 6 minute video walks you through using LinkedIn jobs to help you land your next position. If gives specific examples for searches related to marketing and PR in Detroit. It also shows real results. Those are simply examples...you can use this for Oil jobs in Houston, Law jobs in DC or consulting roles in Dubai. If you know someone seeking a new opportunity, please share this with tutorial with them.

By trybean

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This 2 minute lecture shares some ideas about the characteristics your ideal clients and partners will need to possess.

By trybean

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This 3.5 minute lecture looks at some very useful productivity tips including: The Ivy Lee Method, Tony Robbins RPM system, Time blocking and more. It also suggests ways to easily implement them into your daily life.

By trybean

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This lecture discusses the 11 laws of leadership Napoleon Hill shared in his wonderful book, "Think and Grow Rich".

By trybean

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This 2 minute course will help you grow your LinkedIn connections with people you already know.

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