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By scatelearning

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Do you think it's important to capture all of the institutional knowledge your business has before it retires and walks out the door? Many companies are starting to realize it is, especially for: 1. Onboarding and training new employees for all positions in all industries. 2. Documenting and training Human-to-Machine Interactions (HMI) 3. Easily showing salespeople how to fill out forms correctly.These companies love tools that are easy to use and have a quick turn-around time. Most importantly, the fact that ANY employee in the organization can be creating quality training material within minutes and delivering it within an hour. https://ignitecast.com

By trybean

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This 5 minute course was designed for the good folks at Detroit SHRM. The purpose of it is to show you the power and effectiveness of LinkedIn search and give you ideas on how to use it to make your jobs easier. Search is great to connect with the talent, partners and ideas your company needs now. Give it a look?Oh. I am only leaving this up until November 3rd, so don't doddle. After that it becomes part of my paid LinkedIn class. Which I'll be happy to share.One last thing, IF you're looking to capture knowledge of some of the employees who will be retiring. THIS is an amazing tool to easily create training.

By hpaulhardy

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Cycle Time Management’s Lean Framework is the pathway for companies wishing to begin, to continue or to re-start their Lean Journey. The Lean Belt Training Program is 1 of the 9 sections that make up the Lean Framework and provides lean training for all employees or “The Pathway to Excellence”.

By 007

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This is the first course in a series of many training courses that will explain to users about the IgniteCAST application. After completion of this course a user should understand a brief overview on what the IgniteCAST developer training series has to offer.

By sprez

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This Ignitable explains how easy it is to setup a myChevolet account, install the app and remotely control your new 2017 Chevrolet.

By sprez

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This short Ignitable explains how to set face filter on SnapChat. Enjoy!

By scatelearning

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This course contains an overview of the igniteCAST system for a course author/publisher.

By scatelearning

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This course contains an overview of the igniteCAST system for student usage.

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